Quiet time and working on musical ideas...

It's been a while now so I thought I should come back and write something to show that we're still alive and still have intentions for future releases and shows. Nothing has changed, but this first half of the year was pretty intense and I personally have needed to decompress even as things in my real life have upped intensity wise (work related things specifically). This is my brief surfacing from the depths to catch a gasp of air and let you know what's going on...

New Music Stuffs

I've been trying to untangle the various musical threads in my head - laying down snippets of things and playing with bits and pieces trying to put things into order, but have found that both there's too much stuff going on but also the bits fall into two or more separate buckets.

It's not what you're thinking - the buckets have more to do with what project they fit into and specifically not quality labels. It led me to realize back in June that there's actually the Paraesthesia bucket (which is now intended to be a fully collaborative unit, not just a target) and I guess a bucket that's simply Robert Svilpa experiments/solo material. I'm sure each of the others have their own categorizations that they sort material into, but this is the first time that I have actually had to explicitly realize that material that might light up the bulb for me may not necessarily do the same for the others. Sure it seems really logical for everyone else, but I've always just targeted this project since it started as my solo stuff and grew out from there. Splitting material up is new for me.

So that means we'll be working on writing and recording a new Paraesthesia album likely this fall, but I'll also be working through a lot of new solo material where I'll be playing the majority of the instruments/vocals. I'll ask the guys to play on some material I'm sure but mostly it will be a true solo effort.

There's also a third project with my friend Christopher Scott Cooper in SFO - we'll start writing and collaborating together soon and who knows what will come of this? I'm pretty excited as being able to work with Chris - being as we have similar views on many things - will be a brand new experience for me. No matter what, it will be a really cool experience.

Gear Talk

With all the changes in my guitar rig the last year plus, I've now had to take a hard look at my keyboards. Writing and recording I've really been very dedicated to using VSTs (virtual instruments) which eliminate any noise in that part of the signal chain. That leaves the physical keyboards really only useful for writing (when I'm not using Cubase) or playing live. And I haven't been playing keyboards live at all in a long time. So I'm downsizing my keyboard rig - I've already sold my Numa Organ (which was difficult for me as I really like owning stuff especially that keyboard), and my Roland Gaia is also up for sale, along with the V-Synth XT. What is going to be picking up the slack with those instruments gone is the V-Collection 5 from Arturia - I've been able to pick up a low level endorsement from Arturia and that collection has pretty much everything I need to both reproduce my back catalog material, but also provides nice inspiration for new material as well. Taking my Nektar controller keyboard with a laptop and Cantabile VST host makes life much simpler - one single stereo output for all the synth/organ/piano sounds. It's taking me a little time to really soothe my own ego but from a logistical and logical perspective it's the right way for me to go.

Anyways, that's about all for this month. August is 2 days away, and I hope to have a lot more to share in a couple weeks including maybe some new songs or demos of things to post. Have a great mid summer time!

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